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Made with natural egg whites, sugar and almond meal, these gluten free "biscuit" treats are all the rage for any event, or just to enjoy either by yourself, or with a few friends. With a slight chewiness, melt in your mouth centres and bursting with flavour, once you taste, you'll understand what all the fuss is about!

Standard Macarons

Standard flavours are listed below. Please contact me if there is a flavour you would like that is not shown here. Almost all shells can be coloured to whatever suits you.


Blueberry coulis made into a beautiful ganache.


Bubblegum flavoured filling. So much like the real thing, you'll think you can blow bubbles!!


Chocolate shells with choice of a white, milk or dark chocolate ganache.

Choc Caramel Fudge

Chocolate ganache with caramel centres. Heighten the experience with CHOCOLATE shells!

Choc Orange/Jaffa

Dark Chocolate ganache with zesty orange tones.

Choc Mint

A peppermint flavoured dark chocolate ganache which tastes just like an after dinner mint.


Toasted coconut with macaron shells filled with a coconut cream ganache.

Cookies and Cream

Filled with an Oreo butter cream.

Dulce De Leche

Sweet dulce de leche caramel filling.

Earl Grey Tea

Subtle floral lavender tones in a white chocolate ganache.

Lemon Curd

Zesty lemon Curd filling.

Matcha Green Tea

Japanese matcha green tea sprinkled over shells filled with a matcha green tea white chocolate ganache


Subtle coffee flavours within a chocolate filling. Specify the intensity of coffee and chocolate you would like. Mocha, latte, cappacino and expresso available.


A soft Nutella hazelnut ganache to satisfy any chocolate lover.


Filled with a coconut cream flavoured with pandanus leaf extracts made into a white chocolate ganache.


Passion fruit coulis mixed into a white chocolate ganache.

Pink Musk

Just like classic musk sticks. This flavour will remind you of the good old days, going to the little tuck shop as a kid.

Raspberry White Chocolate

Raspberry coulis folded into a white chocolate ganache.

Red Velvet

A rich red shell with vanilla cream cheese filling.


An old childhood favourite: zingy sweet redskins made into a white chocolate ganache.

Salted Caramel

Home made salted caramel with a hint of "fleur de sel" direct from France to perfectly balance the out the sweetness. One of our most popular flavours.

Strawberries and Cream

Strawberry coulis made into a lovely ganache filling.


Choice of vanilla butter-cream or ganache.

Specialty and Custom Macarons

Custom in either shape, flavour (alcohol) or decoration. Please contact us if there is something you would like which is not already shown.

Unicorn Macarons

Decorated Unicorns with gold horns and ears, these beautiful mystical creatures bring magic and wonderment to any party! Buttercream details on the forehead in 3 colours and sleepy eyes can be designed to suit your wishes.

Baileys Irish Cream

Chocolatey creamy Baileys Irish cream made into a white chocolate ganache. WARNING: Contains alcohol.

Baby Face

Cute little baby face macarons. Great bonbonieres for baby showers, Christenings and baby events. Come in choice of boy or girl and can be individually wrapped with pretty ribbon.


Yellow shell with your choice of filling with black BATMAN logo in edible ink.

Beary Cute

Cute little hand drawn teddy bears. Great for baby showers, full moon 1 month party and kids birthdays. Also, available in blue and pink.

Beary Cute Blue

Beer and Nut

Dark beer slowly cooked into a syrup mixed into a ganache with crushed peanuts and cashews for a real pub like experience. WARNING: Contains alcohol.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Cream cheese based with blueberries and a biscuit disk in the centre.


Chocolate flavoured macarons 100% edible with use of fondant for deco and sesame seed on the "buns"


Decorated with Chanel logo (Tiffany also popular). Shells can be of whatever colour and flavour you choose. Shells decorated with fondant to replicate quilted bags and pearls for boutique themed, classy events.

Chocolate Eclair

Chocolate shell with salted caramel and dark chocolate centre

Creme Brulee

Creme Patissiere filling topped with a burnt toffee shell.

Easter Bunny

Shaped into a cute little bunny rabbit. Great for Easter or children's parties.

Ice Queen

Inspired by the hit movie "Frozen", these are handcrafted and modelled to look like the Snow Queen herself Elsa...accompanying shells with fondant snowflakes and edible blue sparkles are perfect for frozen themed parties.


Dusted with an edible gold dust. Choose from any of the flavours on the menu.


Ghosts, JackOLanterns, spiders and Franfenstein features


A shell made of mostly hazelnut meal filled with your choice of: dark chocolate ganache or, blend of nutella and chocolate ganache to accentuate the hazelnut flavours.

Hot Cross Buns

Tastes exactly like a Hot Cross bun!!

In the Night Garden

Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and the Tumbliboos from the kids show "In the Night Garden"


Chocolate shells covered with dessicated coconut filled with a chocolate ganache and jam centre.

Lemon Cheesecake

Cream cheese based with zesty lemon and a biscuit disk in the centre.

Lunar New Year

Gold dust prosperity sign with lucky lolly ganache filling.


Lychees and lychee liquer made into a white chocolate ganache. WARNING: Contains alcohol.


From the ever popular movies Dispicable Me 1/2, these cute minions in any flavour of your choosing will delight any child at a party.


Steve, TNT, Creeper macarons

Minnie and Mickey Mouse

Inspired Minnie and Mickey Mouse macarons in plain or chocolate shells. Hand drawn with little heart bows upon request. Choose from any of the standard flavours available.


Shaped in a variety of different styled mo's: 1950's, Charlie Chaplin, biker and Yosemite Sam styles

Naughty Macarons (Cockarons and Boobarons)

Adult party favours shaped and decorated to look like your favourite appendage. Great fun for Hen's parties. Available in nude or brown!

Panda Bears

Panda face macarons with black ears made out of macaron mix. Each one hand drawn with edible ink to show cute little faces.

Peppa Pig and Family

English cartoon about a pig family is ever so popular with the toddlers and under 5's. Pink shells hand drawn with faces of Peppa, George and Mummy and Daddy pig (my favourite!).

Peppermint Cream

Dark chococolate ganache with hand made peppermint fondant, tastes just like an after dinner mint.

Peppermint Wheel

Topped with edible glitter and filled with peppermint butter-cream filling.


Shells made with pistachio meal. Filled with a rich dark chocolate ganache.

Pine-Lime Ice Cream

Frozen macarons shells with generous Blue Ribbon pine-lime flavoured ice cream filling. Personal favourite!!!


Pokemons have made a real comeback. Pikachu macarons made of yellow macaron mix with long yellow ears. Hand drawn facial features in edible ink. X-Y Pokemon balls also available. All in the flavour of your choosing.

Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer

Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer have brown shells with red batter centre and hand drawn features. Ears made of pretzels. Can be put on a stick similar to cake pops (mac pops).

Salted Caramel Popcorn

Our popular salted caramel with bursts of popcorn to make it even tastier. Extremely popular.


Brushed with an edible pearl dust or metallic finish adds some extra class to your macarons.


Spiderman and spider web themed macarons. Great for superhero parties or even Halloween. Dramatic red shells with black webs hand drawn. Fondant eyes included for Spidey.


From the kids cartoon Octonauts, features Captain Barnacles, Quasi,

Ferrero Rocher

Hazelnut shells with a chocolate hazelnut ganache featuring a hazelnut in the centre, topped with a layer of chocolate and chopped roasted hazelnuts!!

Strawberry Champagne

A strawberry coulis cooked in sparkling white wine and mixed with white chocolate to make a ganache. WARNING: Contains alcohol.

Super Macarons

Batman, Spiderman, Captain America and Superman...enquire within if you require any other Superheroes.

Under the Sea

Star fish and fishy shaped macarons for under the sea theme events. Can be filled with a flavour of your choice and made of colors you prefer.

Valentine Hearts

Shaped beautifully for your loved ones. Great for Mother's Day, Valentines Day, or anytime to show how much you care. Available in any of the flavours from the standard menu.


Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo and Raphael character macarons

Unicorn Macarons

Decorated Unicorns with gold horns and ears, these beautiful mystical creatures bring magic and wonderment to any party! Buttercream details on the forehead in 3 colours and sleepy eyes can be designed to suit your wishes.

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