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Italian Macaron

Basic Video Tutorial

Our basic online video tutorial outlines the fundamental steps on how to make Italian Macarons from scratch in a simple and easy to understand way. This purchase allows you only 5 downloads to different devices!


Purchase our online tutorial and receive a FREE code to download the recipe also. Code is included at the start of the video




Christmas Tree Stack

Macaron Tutorial

Learn everything you need to know about macarons from where and how they originated, different types of macarons and most importantly how to create them from start to finish.

Our cmprehensive guide includes over 25pgs of basic info as well as another 10 pages with step by step instructions and guides to making these beauties! Templates, 2 videos and 2 instructional PDFs are included so not only will you be able to make these for the festive season but carry your newfound skills to make macarons all year round!

Macaron Recipe

A 3 page recipe which includes an equipment and ingredients list with basic instructions on how to create Italian macarons.


If you have purchase the BASIC Video Tutorial, you will have FREE access via a CODE shown at the beginning of the tutorial which can be redeemed here also.

Macaron Round Template

Troubleshooting Guide

Free macaron round template to download and use! Recommended to be printed on A3 paper

All our instagram hints and tips in our 9 page PDF  downloadable guide to troubleshooting your macarons.

Unicorn Template



Trio Macaron Bundle


Learn to make macarons of different shapes and sizes. This bundle contains videos on how to make our Christmas Tree Stacks, Christmas Unicorns and Christmas Reindeer!

This complete package contains all the templates needed for the different shapes, a detailed guide to macarons with over 25 pages of information plus individual PDFs with over 30 additional pages on how to create each of these special macarons. Also includes 4 stunning individual videos with unlimited lifetime access!



Ultimate Christmas Cake and Macaron Bundle

2 MODULES: Learn to make a single tiered cake complete with buttercream frosting with two recipes for cakes provided as well as vanilla and chai buttercream recipes. Cliff will take you through coating these with SHARP SHARP edges and then decorate beautifully with a palette knife in this artsy style! Includes macaron trio module also!


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